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Firefight (2e) - 2-Player Starter Set MEGA Bundle | Mantic Games

Firefight (2e) - 2-Player Starter Set MEGA Bundle | Mantic Games

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This fantastic starter set boasts over 70 highly detailed Mantic miniatures, rule and force lists books, a quick start guide, dice and tokens. This box is a great way of introducing players to the Warpath Universe and the immersive, tactical and action-packed tabletop game of Firefight.

Keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.


  • 40x Plastic Marauder Commandos/Brawlers
  • 4x PVC Marauder Ripper Suits
  • 20x Plastic Enforcers
  • 5x Plastic Enforcer Peacekeepers
  • 2x Plastic Enforcer Jetbikes
  • 1x Firefight Rulebook
  • 1x Firefight Force Lists Book
  • 2x Card Counter Sheets
  • 1x Getting Started guide
  • 16x D8 Dice
  • 11x Firefight Command Dice
  • 9x 40mm MDF Bases
  • 62x 25mm Plastic Bases
  • 1x Enforcer Accuser Interceptor
  • 1x Hornet Dropship

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.


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